Journeys Through Valkana

Deception, Rage, and a Trial by Combat

With the Blackout gang defeated the group found the remainder of their journey to Vorakis a quiet one. A quick registration later and they were able to enter the warm blue light of the city. During an otherwise uneventful trip to the drop off point the group got their first glimpse of the Twilight Guard as they helped fix a power outage. However the pleasantness was not to last. Just as they’re dropping off their payload it disappears along with Declan and their payment.  The city’s lights turn red as the true face of the Twilight Guard is revealed and suddenly the group stands among empty streets. They are quickly surrounded and while being arrested TI-84 gains the ire of Harrow, a dwarf who is more robot than man. Not far off Declan surrenders as he finds a similar fate. 

At the prison they meet another prisoner named Ajax who informs them that they’d soon be fighting for their freedom. TI-84 accepts a duel with Harrow and the first battle is set on its way. He’s brought to the floor of a gladiatorial ring where the dwarf is waiting. Though he throws everything he has at Harrow, TI finds that he cannot gain ground. He begrudgingly concedes and is knocked out as the crowd cheers on their hero. He is healed and the group is told that they will fight as allies in the next battle. While Mubasi is able to abstain, the outspoken Veil is told she must fight. As they are brought to the surface the city’s leader, Abin-Dula, reveals their opponents, an elemental for each of the four core elements. The hulking Earth elemental was first to fall as it crumbled beneath Ajax’s mace. Second down was the Air elemental as Prince Kael’Thas pinned it between plumes of his green flames. Next Declan is able to snuff out the Fire elemental with a few well placed shots fired from atop his perch; and finally the battle comes to an end as TI-84 is able to find redemption by obliterating the Water elemental with a blast from his chest laser.

As soon as they are freed Declan finds himself dangling from the grip of TI-84. With some moderation from Ajax the two come to shaky terms as Declan explains himself and agrees to pay everyone their fair share. With the money divided the six find motivation that ranges from civil justice to burning revenge and back to plain old survival as they prepare for an uncertain future.



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