Journeys Through Valkana

The Goodie-good City

After their ordeal with the were-pack, the party makes their way to the grand city of  Aliston whereupon arriving they are instantly greeted by the city’s most notable characteristic: the aegis of the storm giants. Once inside, and with no immediate task at hand, they disband and explore the city familiarizing themselves with their new surroundings. The general atmosphere of the city appeared to be free of any apparent political or social conflict. The populace seemed content and cheery under the reign of King Archimedes.

Veil and Ajax headed to the nearest temple to see if anything could be done about her new condition. With the financial backing from Ajax, Veil was able to purchase the required ritual to rid herself of her lycanthropic curse after which she took on various odd jobs in the attempt to pay him back for his charity. Ajax decided to go back and see what could be done about the den of were-creatures on the outskirts of town.

Declan, in the meantime, went to work using his unique “networking” skills attempting to dig into whatever underbelly the city might have only to come up empty.  Not fully trusting a city to be so squeaky clean, he nevertheless set up shop in the town bazaar where he hocked his hand-crafted, clockwork sculptures. 

Veil and Tytherion put their collective talent and ample skills together to find some houses to paint when Tytherion wasn't training.

Kael’Thas indulged his elite sensibilities by taking up residence in the finest establishments and dining at the choicest restaurants.

James Bard went on the hunt for romance and graced a few social engagements with his presence. He flirted with one Delilah Briarwood with mixed results.

After spending a week in the city, getting their bearings, Kael’Thas found himself lounging in yet another fine establishment when all of a sudden an explosion erupted outside. A carriage being escorted by some of the town guard had been overturned by some violent force. A woman in fine armor was emerging from the wreckage when a sinister figure appeared behind her and rended the armor from her arms. It fused the gauntlets to its own form and started to wreak havoc in the streets. Kael’Thas scurried back inside and bided his time until opportunity arose.

            Alerted by the noise, the other members of the party rushed to the source of the commotion and a battle ensued against this dark creature and some robotic minions. After taking some blows the demon seemed only slightly perturbed and only decided to retreat when the city guard and a couple of the giants presented themselves. He vanished in what appeared to be a puff of smoke.

            After clearing the battlefield, some of the party attended to the wounded while others approach the city guard to find out the nature of this attack. They revealed that this was a prisoner, a demon named Ganran, who they identified as a technivore. They were in the process of transporting him to another location. The woman in charge of this convoy, the same injured in the attack, turned out to be the kings daughter Amelia. The party was thanked for their service and for saving the woman and the other guard and promised payment by the city. They dispersed and went about their days.

Declan investigated the site where the demon disappeared and discovered that there were traces of it's presence within the computer main frame of the city. He went to the authorities to alert them and offer his services to track down the direction it escaped.

Upon returning to their lodgings each of the party discovered an elegant envelope that had been slid under their doors. It was an invitation for an audience with the king that night for dinner. They all made their way to the Kings Palace and found themselves in the huge dining hall of King Archimedes of Alliston. There the very young looking king welcomed them and thanked them for profusely for the rescue of his daughter and son, Canen, it was revealed further that all of the guards of the city where his progeny. They also learned that the king had lived for hundreds maybe thousands of years and that he'd been around since the inception of the kingdom. He also revealed that he had apparently met TI's  wife at one point briefly as she had lived in the city for a time on a street named Sepulveda.

The festivities commenced and what's his name challenged Leanne to a test of might which he in turn failed. Declan, taking a liking to this king, challenged him in some games of chance and came out on top. Veil feeling uncomfortable try to leave the party but was stopped by one of the guards who compelled her to stay.

When last we left the group, the gala had been dying down and morning was on the horizon…



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