Journeys Through Valkana

The Last Flight of the Restoration
By Professor R. T. Stynebane

It is unknown exactly why the Colonization of Valkana was planned but it seems clear that the Home-world of these colonists was reaching the end of its time in this universe. Thus came the creation of the Restoration, a ship with but one purpose: Survival. While little information on this vessel is common knowledge in the common era, much can be gathered from both folklore and the wreckage of the ship itself.

     It appears that an untold mass of people boarded the ship to be put in cryosleep for the duration of the journey. The ship’s Captain, a plant being named Organa, stayed awake to occasionally activate a skeleton crew for security and maintenance purposes. Fortunately, this crew was awake for landing as the ship was attacked just outside of the planet’s atmosphere. It appears they were quickly boarded and a large battle occurred onboard the Restoration. Here is where research falls to folklore.

     According to legend, five heroes joined the Captain for a fight that they ultimately could not win. Though they fought bravely it appears Captain Organa knew that time was short and used her last moments to begin the waking process for the remaining passengers. This led one hero, a mage named Elenora, to leave the battle to pursue a higher purpose; guiding the wakening travelers into the ship’s escape pods. It is likely due to this that the Colonization of Valkana was successful.

     The ship crashed onto the planet and the survivors likely scavenged it to help build the new world. However there has been no evidence of the attacking ship ever landing on Valkana. This, along with the obvious damage to the interior of the Restoration lends credence to the story of great heroes. While their stories may be lost to history, one thing cannot be denied. Without their sacrifice Valkana would have been lost to those attackers before it had the chance to begin.

Deception, Rage, and a Trial by Combat

With the Blackout gang defeated the group found the remainder of their journey to Vorakis a quiet one. A quick registration later and they were able to enter the warm blue light of the city. During an otherwise uneventful trip to the drop off point the group got their first glimpse of the Twilight Guard as they helped fix a power outage. However the pleasantness was not to last. Just as they’re dropping off their payload it disappears along with Declan and their payment.  The city’s lights turn red as the true face of the Twilight Guard is revealed and suddenly the group stands among empty streets. They are quickly surrounded and while being arrested TI-84 gains the ire of Harrow, a dwarf who is more robot than man. Not far off Declan surrenders as he finds a similar fate. 

At the prison they meet another prisoner named Ajax who informs them that they’d soon be fighting for their freedom. TI-84 accepts a duel with Harrow and the first battle is set on its way. He’s brought to the floor of a gladiatorial ring where the dwarf is waiting. Though he throws everything he has at Harrow, TI finds that he cannot gain ground. He begrudgingly concedes and is knocked out as the crowd cheers on their hero. He is healed and the group is told that they will fight as allies in the next battle. While Mubasi is able to abstain, the outspoken Veil is told she must fight. As they are brought to the surface the city’s leader, Abin-Dula, reveals their opponents, an elemental for each of the four core elements. The hulking Earth elemental was first to fall as it crumbled beneath Ajax’s mace. Second down was the Air elemental as Prince Kael’Thas pinned it between plumes of his green flames. Next Declan is able to snuff out the Fire elemental with a few well placed shots fired from atop his perch; and finally the battle comes to an end as TI-84 is able to find redemption by obliterating the Water elemental with a blast from his chest laser.

As soon as they are freed Declan finds himself dangling from the grip of TI-84. With some moderation from Ajax the two come to shaky terms as Declan explains himself and agrees to pay everyone their fair share. With the money divided the six find motivation that ranges from civil justice to burning revenge and back to plain old survival as they prepare for an uncertain future.

Terror in Nestora

The World of Valkana

Valkana, A beautiful and lush planet. On it, a vast variety of ecosystems, Races, and valuable Resources. but before it was such, AnUncounted millennia ago an alien civilization visited the planet of valkana, which was at the time a lifeless husk. They Terraformed the planet, seeding it with much of the life we see there today. After they set their incubation of the planet into motion, they left, never to return. The first of the races to appear were the elves, long-lived and beautiful, they strode across valkana embracing its natural landscape. The Saurians also were among the first to roam the world, cunning and adaptable, they bent nature to fit their needs and survive. The two races fought for 150 years, but eventually the brilliant Saurians overwhelmed the Elves and forced them into hiding. The Saurian Race ruled a majority of Valkana for a short time, that is until the remaining races staged a rebellion against the Saurian Empire and plunged their kingdom into ruin. Shortly after the rebellion, a large explosion on the north side of the Tasmetra Bassen plunged all of Valkana into an age of Darkness, and the "Endless Night" began. 200 years pass and the Endless Night turns to day, bringing about modern civilization. unfortunately much of the hostility and hatred from the ages before still burned, and with the aid and goading of the "Prophet Dhwann" , the  world is once again plunged into an age of War, this time among all races. 115 years later, the wars end. Much of civilization is destroyed, and the reason is lost to time. Many of the grudges of the past have vanished in lue of a need for survival and companionship in this new world. Now here we are, young and bright eyed in a foreign Land, much of it unknown and secret to us, begging to be explored, begging to be tred, begging…to be tested. What happens next is what we make of it, so make it what you can. Welcome to Valkana….


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