Journeys Through Valkana

Adventures in the Desert

Lacking direction the group decided to seek out Sygnir in the north. This led them to the Rust Wastes where they quickly lost their car and had to set out on foot. Fortunately the soon ran into a group of nomads who were on a pilgrimage to see their deity; the Robot God Orion.  Seeing an opportunity to learn about the giant robot that stole away their friend, TI-84, the group joined these nomads. During the quiet journey to the sacred site the group enjoyed the culture and lifestyle of these nomads.

Upon arriving they came face to face with the giant robot Orion and after an all-night vigil Declan found himself talking with the deity. While he did not learn what he came for, he was warned that the patron of his power may not be as benevolent as he'd thought. Unfortunately though, the peace was not to last. During the ceremony to praise Orion the nomads where scattered by cyborg attackers. Fortunately the party was prepared and made quick work of the chainsaw wielding leader. Lacking leadership; the rest fell quickly.  

A new goal in sight the party left the Rust Wastes and entered the natural desert to the north. On their way to Sygnir they ran into a group of kobolds lead by some small blue dragons. Despite the air support of the dragons the party mostly found cover under the wreckage of an ancient highway. Tytherion, on the other hand, found that luck was not on his side, but still managed to hold his ground until the battle came to a close. 

Soon the party found themselves at the liar of Sygnir and upon entering found themselves woefully unprepared for his challenge. Most were kicked out immediately, but the ancient dragon took a shining to Flick, the party's Tabaxi. Flick proved his worth and was rewarded with a tattoo and a shiny new dagger. The dragon told them to learn from their earnest companion and to come back when they were worthy of his power. The group left off walking into a sandstorm and wondering where life would lead them next. 



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