Journeys Through Valkana

New allies, Dragons, and a Mysterious Blade

Cash in hand and down one anarchistic Gnome the group finds themselves in the company of Tethyrian; a young explorer searching for his path and the purpose of his mysterious weapon. Veil calls in a debt and the group finds themselves on their way to investigate a long forgotten pyramid. During the drive, they pass by a battle between two dragons. Despite Veil’s objections the group does not stop on their way to the Pyramid.

Upon arrival, they find that the pyramid is a shrine to an ancient snake god. They make their way mostly unharmed through a long trapped corridor before they finally find the main shrine. Inside is an alter with a strange blade wrapped up in mechanical statue of snakes. When the blade was removed from its stand the team found that it wasn’t the only mechanized statue in the room, as they now found themselves face to face with several huge snake statues.

Although one managed to disable TI-84 it soon found its end at the fist of Ajax. Another was felled by a shot to the back of the head by a well-hidden Veil. The rest were taken care of by the fire and lightning of Prince Kael’thos. With the battle won Veil took a moment to examine her treasure where unbeknown to the team the object communicated with her; in its own way. 

TI agreed, with a begrudged sigh, to check out the location of the dragon’s battle. They arrived to a scene of ruined forest and a small surprise. Amongst the destruction was a wounded man. After his injuries were treated the man revealed that he had been pelted by the debris caused by a dragon falling from the sky. New ally in tow the group gets back to Vorakis with no further incident, but little did they know they were heading towards something much greater than themselves.



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