Class B

You Unlock access to B Class Technology at 9th Level. Upon reaching 9th level you may take the technologies test at any major city for 200 gold. This test is passed automatically if you have an intelligence modifier of 2 or greater. If you do not have an intelligence modifier of 2 or greater roll a DC 16 Intelligence Check. on a successful roll the test is passed and you gain access to B Class Technology, on a failed roll you fail the test and must wait a weeks worth of game time before you may take the test again.

 ——————— UTILITY————-

- Zinc Battery: 57 Gold: 45 Max Energy: Recharges Half of its MAXIMUM energy points during each short rest.

——————- Weapons ————

-B Class Energy Pistol (Side arm): 65 Gold : 2 Energy per use : 3d4+ Half DEX: Melee/35 Ft:  2 Augmentation Slots

-B Class Energy Carbine: 75 Gold : 4 Energy per use: 2d8 (NO DEX): 15ft/65ft: 3  Augmentation Slots

-B Class Energy Sniper Rifle: 90 Gold : 7 energy used: 1d12+1d6+(DEX, MAX 2): 30ft/300ft: 4 Augmentation Slots

-B Class Energy Dagger: 25 Gold: 2 Energy per use: 1d6+Dex: 2 Augmentation Slots

-B Class Energy Sword: 35 Gold: 4 Energy per use: 1d12+(Half STR): 3 Augmentation Slots

-B Class Battery Charger: 60 Gold: This Device allows you to recharge 1 Empty battery Twice per long rest. If used in combat, The Battery will be recharged AT THE END of your next turn. Loading the Charger takes a Bonus Action.

———- Augmentations ————

-Energy Output B: 50 Gold: add 1d10 to your damage roll, add 4 energy to your weapons Energy used per use. Takes up 2 Augmentation Slots.

-Efficient Output B: 40 Gold: reduce your weapons energy used per use by -4, this augment can't reduce a weapons energy cost below 1. Takes up 2 Augment slots

-Range Amp B: 20 Gold: increase your weapons maximum range by 15Ft, this augment does not work on NON-Projectile Weapons. increase your weapons energy used per use by 2. takes up 1 augmentation Slot

- Three Round Burst: 30 Gold: When this augment is equiped, your weapon has the option of taking the "3 Round Burst" attack action. When taking the "3 round burst" attack action, your weapons damage dice is reduced to 1<u> dice that is half of the weapons original damage dice</u> (If your gun deals 2d8 damage, it would instead deal 1d4 damage per successful attack) . In addition to this, when you take this attack action you roll 3 separate attack rolls that apply damage on each successful attack. Any additional damage modifications would only be applied once per attack action, and not for each successful attack roll. This augment is only available for the Pistol and Carbine. This takes up 2 Augmentation Slots.

-Thermal Scope: 25 Gold: You are able see creatures that are Invisible or are slightly obscured by Fog or darkness. Increase your weapons energy use by 2 per use. takes up 1 Augmentation slot.

-Shock Module: 20 Gold: Your weapon now deals Lightning damage instead of energy Damage: increase your weapons energy usage by 1 per use. takes 2 augmentation slots. 

-Nano-Laminate Shell: 70 Gold: Once per long rest your weapon is protected from Emp or disabling effects. Takes 1 Augmentation slot.

—————— OTHER———————

-Stim Needle B : 70 Gold: 1d8+4 hp for 3 turns

- Anti-Stim Needle B: 65 Gold Reduce the healing a creature would receive for 2 of its turns by 2d10.

-Null Shield: 80 gold: This small device produces a 10Ft  by 5 foot Screen in Front of you. The Shield can absorb damage Equal to Twice the Maximum Energy charge of the Battery used to charge it. The shield has resistance to ENERGY damage, and deals 2d6 energy damage to any creature that comes in contact with the sheild.

- EMP Grenade: 85 Gold: this bomb can be thrown up to 40 ft away from you and creates a blast of light that takes up a 20 ft circle around the blast site. any piece of technology that is caught within the 20 ft radius loses half of its Maximum Charge. Any Creature with a Technological limb must make a DC 17 Constitution saving throw or have that limb be rendered useless for 2 rounds. Any creature that is a Cyborg or completely mechanically powered must make a DC 18 Constitution Saving throw or be stunned for one round, and are unable to cast spells or use abilities of technological origin for the next 4 rounds.

Class B

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