Class C

C Class: These Gadgets are unlocked at 7th Level

 To get a C class License, you must be in a major city and take a technologies test. The test costs 100 Gold and is passed automatically, unless the creature taking the test has an intelligence Modifier of 0 or lower. if that is the case roll an intelligence check any roll that is a 15 or above is a success any roll that is a 14 or lower is a failure and the creature does not pass the test.

-  Fulgin Battery: 40 Gold : 35 Energy charges: Recharges half expended Energy points during short rests.


-Data Pad C: 100 Gold: This device can be used to receive and transfer data, Store Data, Transfer Credits, Project Maps, read Data Discs and Cards and can be used to "Hack" Certain Computer Interfaces.




class energy Pistol:(Side Arm) 50 Gold : 3 energy per use 3d4: melee/30 ft:         2 slots


class energy carbine: 65 Gold: 4 energy per use: 2d6+1/2Dex: 15ft/65ft 3 slots


class Energy Sniper Rifle: 80 Gold: 6 energy per use: 1d10+1/2Dex: 30 ft/200 ft 4 slots


C class energy dagger: 20 Gold: 2 energy per use: 1d6+Dex: 2 Slot


C Class Energy Sword: 30 Gold: 5 energy per use: 1d10+Str: 2 slot


C Class Energy Magnum: (Side Arm) 60 Gold: 4 energy per use: Requires 12 Str: 1d8: melee/35 feet:0 Slots: Each attack beyond the first per turn, has disadvantage.


C Class Energy Charger : 40 Gold: This Device allows you to recharge 1 Empty battery once per long rest. If used in combat, The Battery will be recharged AT THE END of your next turn. Loading the Charger takes a Bonus Action.




Energy Output C: 40 Gold: Add 1d8 to your damage Roll : 3 energy use: 2 slot used


Efficient Output C: 30 Gold: -3 energy used Per Use: 1 slot used


Range Amp C: 15 gold: increase max range by 10Ft : +2 energy used 1 Slot used


Remote Explosive C: 30 Gold: Sticks to most surfaces,1d10 5ft radius.


Range Amp C: 15 gold: increase max range by 10Ft : +2 energy used 1 Slot used


Heat Module: 20 Gold: your weapon now deals Fire Damage: +1 Energy Use: uses 2 slots


-Frost Module: 20 Gold: your Weapon now deals Cold damage: +1 Energy Use: uses 2 slots


Extended stock: 20 Gold: Every attack beyond the first made with this weapon on the same creature, has +2 hit. 1 slot used.





Stim needle C: 65 gold: 1d6+3 Hp for 2 turns 


Anti-Stim Needle C: 60 Gold: Reduce healing target creature receives by 1d10  for 1 of its turn.


Stim Launcher : (Side Arm) 70 Gold : Uses 1 Stim Needle or Anti-Stim Needle: 20/50 Ft Range. shoots either needle as a projectile.

Class C

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